5 things that irritate the fuck out of me about summer.

Ah it’s a boring rainy day, Summers here, I thought I would entertain you with the 5 things that irritate the fuck out of me about summer.

1. Bikers – Now don’t get me wrong, some bikers are ok, and I want to maybe get a motorcycle, but dude getting a motorcycle does not make you any tougher, and I’ll tell you thus when I’m shoving your bikes exhaust pipe up your ass.

2. Heat – I hate fucking heat, sun, etc.etc. I think I’m part polar bear, just give me a block of ice to sleep on. As much as I hate it, I just grin and bare it.

3. Assholes that complain about the Heat – Is it Hot? No shit Sherlock.  I don’t need a reminder it’s hot out. Like I was sitting there in the 100 degree weather wondering if that’s truly hot or not. These are the same assholes that complain about the cold in winter.

4.People that try to talk me into doing shit outdoors – I hate fucking camping, swimming, etc…when it’s hotter then the sun. I actually like getting more white as the summer progresses. I don’t like summer, fuck..off, and check again when it’s oh about 65 degrees. Go do your thing, and I’ll enjoy doing my thing, and we’ll meet up at the bar later.

5.  Bugs – I hat those alien looking motherfuckers, especially those mosquitos blood sucking douchebags that they are. All bugs are kill on sight, but some deserve alot more.

2 things I don’t mind.

1. Caribbean Block Party in Tinley Park, IL – One day I let loose, and drink and eat until I get my fill.

2. Girls wearing less – God I love Summer Dresses, such delights under them, and easy access too.


2 Responses to “5 things that irritate the fuck out of me about summer.”

  1. Can I complain that my A/C is broken? Because that SUCKS.

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