Stupid Car Show!

So I signed some papers at #1’s , and I got a call from my mother asking something really stupid, and it’s so incredubily boring it bores me half to death.  So I decided to avoid the whole situation for an hour or so. Planned to go to Durbins have a beer or two, and go home.

Well Oak Park was closed off mostly for this Car Show. Which was nice, some awesome cars there. Then I saw Jackass’s parents. Great people, I respect them as much as my own parents, that’s why I still call them Mr., and Mrs, instead of by there first names to show that respect I have for them. They informed me Jackass was around the Car Show somewhere…Crap he working days this week.

Well I caught up with Jackass, and ran into Frumpy, and Talladega to boot, but they disappeared early. Jackass and me started drinking hard, like it was our job to drink. I was really buzzed by the time I was done at Durbins, and then I went to Teehans for one. Did the nastiest shot ever, for a free shot glass.

Lets just say there were points in the night I thought I was going to puke, never did, but my tummy isn’t feeling so hot today. Stoopid Car Shows.


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