Monday Hangover

Not much of a Hangover cause I got this fricking ingrown hair on my face that got infected, and it was on a nerve that was giving me a headache, and a tootache at the same time, not to mention it’s hideous. Looks like Herpes on the mouth. I’m not really that vain though it was more pain then anything. Thanks to some Ibuprofen, and some booze I was able to have a little fun.

Friday went out for beer and pizza. Had a good time with my friends there. I left at a decent time, cause my new friend aka herpes on my lip was hurting a bit, plus I had alot of stuff to do in the morning.

Saturday – I did my duty, and had an estimater come out to my potential condo. I really don’t know what kind of quote he’s going to spit back at me. From this feeling in my gut I don’t think it’s going to be cheap. I got this feeling the size of my TV is going to shrink a bit LOL!.

Then I stopped at Home Depot to see if my parts was in, lets just say I always have a great time at Home Depot, this day I had a too good of time. I was a little slizzered. Then I went home for a power nap, and just didn’t want to get up. I heard I missed some good times. Oh well.

Sunday – I did the Father’s Day thing with my Dad, and Grandpa. Then I went to see Green Lantern. I’m a comic book nerd, so I liked it. I seen worse, and I have seen better. I got my money’s worth I think.



7 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. First you shit yourself… now you have mouth herpes. GROSS!

  2. Can you name a recent movie that you thought just sucked?

    • theerivs Says:

      Yes it was called the Last Exorcism I think. It was just horrible, didn’t know if it was a horror movie or comedy.

      • Ah, I haven’t seen that one. There sure are a lot of exorcism movies though. Hopefully, it is really the last one. lol

  3. I agree with The Last Exorcism. It was awful. I know I was with Nascar when I saw it. Were you with us too? I can’t remember.

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