To Remove Suffering, One Must Remove Desire.

My Dad asked me if I’m excited to be getting my own place, I told him, “No” . He then asked me what is wrong with you?

Many years back I had problems lots of them, and they all stemmed from my expectations, of life, of the people around me, and of myself. This led me to almost stick a gun to my head and pull the trigger.

Since then I learned to live in the moment, and try not to let expectations dictate my life. That today’s success may be tomorrows failure, or today’s failure may be tomorrows success.  It’s not accepting failure, that would be a negative attitude, mine is more let’s wait type of attitude, to see where the chips fall.

It’s not that I’m a robot, and don’t want stuff, that’s not what this is about. Life is a journey, and sometimes in that life you get bumps in the road, or even a tire gets flat. It’s about enjoying the journey, and not about getting somewhere.

There is a Zen saying which is one of my mantra’s “To Remove Suffering, One must Remove Desire”   These Desires are expectations of things, a want for a certain outcome. To me the outcome doesn’t matter, because there is one outcome to all this, the final outcome, the outcome of death.  It doesn’t matter what you have, but how you lived with what you have.

William Wallace, yeah brave heart guy said it best, “Every man dies. Very few men truly live”

Thats what I want to do is live a life worth something, to be remembered not for the guy worrying his life away, or breaking his back to live outside his means, or racing towards a goal he may never reach.

At the end I want people to say there lies River, he truly lived.


7 Responses to “To Remove Suffering, One Must Remove Desire.”

  1. So what you are saying is that you aren’t excited to close on your new place because then you won’t have an excuse to talk to me everyday? Makes total sense. I get it.

    • theerivs Says:

      The way you go through computers, I think I’ll have enough conversations with you to last a lifetime.

  2. River- This has been very inspiring to me today. I have WAY too many expectations about everything. I am going to write down this quote and put it up where I can see it every day. Thanks!

  3. If we don’t have expectations , wouldn’t it damper out creativity and make us idle ?
    I really like to lead my life according to this zen principle , but I would like to be proactive at the same time …

    • I don’t think so, what is an expectation…you expect something to happen. You can be creative, or ambitious, but if you expect a certain outcome then you set yourself up for suffering. For example, a swordsman practices to become the best swordsman there is, he doesn’t care if he wins any tournaments, he does it to excel at his craft.. To live in tthe moment of his swordsmanship.

  4. It’s really easy for people to say “live in the moment” if they have something going for them at the moment. I’m homeless and living in a shelter with a disabled child. My ‘friends and family’ won’t allow me to even visit them if my child is with me and we spend every holiday alone. “Living in the moment” for me usually involves me sitting in a room, me and my son alone and my son can’t talk. I don’t even have a friend I can call. So I’m wondering, how do I at least remove the desire to want to talk to other people, to have meaning in my life, to not be bored, to want a home for my child?

    • Sorry I meant to comment to this sooner. Not true there are many times I had nothing going for me. Sure my life isn’t all that right now, but I had some great moments in life. Why don’t you have a friend, there are plenty of churches, and community groups that you can maybe reach out make some friends. Learn a skill, make something. Learn to knit. Sell what you make. Here read this this is a pretty awesome article if you have internet.

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