River’s 6 Rules to Being a Man.

I often say it takes more than a penis to be a man, but what does being a man mean to me. What does it take to be a man in my eyes. Do you have to take a bullet, and just smile. Do you have to work your life away, and be a ghost in your own family. Nope it boils down to a couple of things really. Here  are my ideals I try to live by, sometimes I fall short, but I get up and dust myself off, and hit it again. 

River’s 6 Rules to Being a Man.

1. Protect those that can not Protect Themselves – This goes beyond not hitting women, which to me is really bad, but this extents to the children, or maybe someone with special needs, or even a fellow-man. My best friend from grammar school was getting beat up by a bunch of bullies when I was in first grade, I jumped in and saved him. We’ve been friends ever since, and now he’s protecting our rights as an American Soldier, he’s been in the Army for 20+ years. 

2. Do the Right Thing – Even when the right thing isn’t popular. Only a sociopath doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong.

3. Honesty – This is probably the hardest thing, yet the easiest thing at the same time. It’s easy to tell the truth, but sometimes the truth hurts, and sometimes it’s hard to hurt someone with the truth. In the end it’s the best. I think Shakespeare said it best, “What tangles webs we weave, when we practice to deceive”

4.  Toughness of Spirit – What I mean by this is, you should be a rock amongst the crashing waves of trouble on the sea of life. I’m not saying be an unemotional robot (like me), what I’m saying is be able to handle your problems, responsibilities, but still be upbeat and positive. Don’t come with problems, but with solutions type of attitude. Accept failure as a part of life, and learn from it. Don’t be a coward, and face things…well like a man.

5. Keep Your Word – In all things. I think Al Pacino as Scarface put it best, “Two things I got in this life are my balls, and my word. I don’t break either for nobody”  Honor, Duty, Integrity, important words that all stem from keeping our word, saying we will do what we set out to do. This includes marriage, you gave the vow, now keep your word.  A man who will break the biggest vow of his life isn’t really a man to me.

6. A Penis – Well I guess you do kind of need one to be a man.



One Response to “River’s 6 Rules to Being a Man.”

  1. IT Princess Says:

    This is why I love you!

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