Monday Hangover

I’ve got alot of thinking to do because of this weekend. I feel like the Hangover movie, like I need to call someone to say, “I fucked up”

Friday – After work I hit JWH for some free pizza, and beer. Jackass was supposed to be at his Dad’s, so me and the German went there to have a beer, we bought the old man a case of beer for his birthday. Jackass wasn’t there, but we still had one with his Dad. Great guy, makes me laugh alot. Jackass’s family are all great people.

German and I found Jackass at his crib, and we all went over to Geek Princess for a fire, and some drinks.  Well between the Jug, and a half of Apple Pie shots we drank, it became quite the shit show. I think some of the memorable moments  were salami on the forehead of several girls, Jackass giving an undygrundy to Geek Princess, rocking out the Flippy Cup, bucking Geek Princess around while she was holding onto my ass, and finally Geek Princess biting the shit out of my titty. So after a bit, I get the wanderlust, and decide to hit the bars.  

So at the bars, there was this girl, we’ll call Geena after Geena Davis. We’ve all known her for awhile. I’ve fooled around with her before, but my drunk ass ended up making out with her on the middle of the dance floor in Durbins…stoopid booze. After a stop at Dendrinos, and Olympic Star. I end up at Geena’s house, it was pretty nice, and I am proud of her buying her own house. Well come 7am, as she fell asleep in my arms…I just had to get the fuck out, mostly because I had shit to do, and wanted a couple hours of decent sleep, and another reason it was hotter than an african slave ship in that motherfucker. So I slid out of bed, and crept towards the door with my stuff in hand, and jetted. Ever see a fat man slide out of bed….it isn’t pretty, but I was quite stealthy for a big guy.

This situation perturbs me, I’ll get more to it later.

Saturday – I had my niece’s graduation party, it was really nice to see my family, and spend some time with them.  After that I hit the bars..Well After doing the tour JWH, Durbins, Dendrinos, Kickoffs, and oh yes Olympic Star. I was plum tuckered. Cool thing about this night, I saw some people I don’t normally see, and  it turns out this geek girl I talk to at my gas station all the time knows this other girl I am friends with. Sometimes it’s really a small world.

Sunday – I actually slept most of the day, then went to see Bad Teacher with the whole crew. It was good, I laughed. After that I went to the bars for a couple.  I had a little to think about.

The situation with Geena, is a precarious one. There was a time where I would of given anything to have her as my girlfriend, and after the first time we fooled around things got a little sour, after I jumped the gun so to speak, don’t get me wrong I want to move to the next level have a serious girlfriend, and maybe one day have a wife, and god forbid a family.  Just not right this minute, I got a lot of things going on.

I was sitting there watching her sleep for a bit, and I think Universe has a cruel sense of humor, and I love to laugh along with it. I will do what I’ve been doing for the last 38 years of my life….and just wing it.


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