What a Curious Case.

Last night I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons. I was expecting a huge Vagina filled Chick Flick, but it was quite a different movie, which I liked. I endorse those things that don’t fit neatly into a box. I liked it because it made you think as well, I admit I fill my time with visceral movies, movies that have more blood in them, then a blood bank, basically those movies that don’t really test you.

This movie was different, because it not only made me think, but it echoed alot of my sentiments about life. That nothing is forever, and to always live in the moment, because soon that moment is gone. That you may fall, but to always pick yourself up again.  The fact that no matter what his situation was, Benjamin always kept optimisitic.

Someone asked me the way given the end of the movie turned out, why did Benjamin leave Daisy. I told this person that it was because he didn’t know what was in the end, and he refused to be a burden. I could respect that.



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