Mange, Mange

Mange means eat in Italian. Last night I went to Frankie’s Ristorante with Geena. It was good food, don’t get me wrong, but I grew up, and perhaps spoiled with down home Italian cooking where my Grandmother made her own Ravioli, and Sausage back in the day.  Like I said the food was good.

I went with Geena, surprisingly she did most of the talking. Funny how things change, when I first met her she didn’t say one word to me. Now I can’t get her to shut up. LOL! It was nice, the conversation was mostly about her buying a house, and all the work she’s doing in to it.

Want to know something funny, I use to suck at the art of conversation when I was younger. I would mostly give one word answers, and not really talk to much, until one day when I was working for the Armored car service I would drive with the same dude 5 days a week, and he would talk and talk, and I wouldn’t say shit. Until he snapped, he went “Listen mother fucker! You suck at conversation. You are supposed to ask questions, and listen.”  That’s when he taught me the art of conversation.

Ok back to the topic at hand. So I went out to dinner, and it wasn’t cheap. Geena goes, “Ya know River I would of eaten somewhere cheaper and been happy too”  I replied, ” Fuck that, I wanted to come here.”  See dating allows me to go to places I normally would like to go by myself, sure I have no problems going there by myself, but taking Geena out gives me an excuse to.  Plus all my friends know I’m all about big pimping. So ladies if I ask you on a date, be aware it might be just cause I want to try a new place. LOL!

After Dinner, I tried to talk Geena to go out for a drink, she said she really wanted to but couldn’t. She had alot of things to do tomorrow. I was like fine, and left it at that.  Geek Princess wanted to grab a drink, so I was like ok for a few. When we got to JWH, we were greeted with a big “Allo”. Sissy, and Tallegdega’s sister was there, and they were skizzered. Sissy and me had a long talk which was really nice, I learned more about her, I enjoy learning more about my friends.

Then I heard a bucket crash down on the bar next to me, I was like “Who the hell?” Turn around. It was Jackass.  Man I was so tempted to stay until close, I really needed to after the day at work I had, I got a talking to from my boss cause a user thought I was treating them like an idiot. I was and they were.

No I was a good boy, went home and woke up bright eyed and cheery…ok not so much.



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