Monday Hangover

The bible says the sins I commit two by two, I will have to pay for one by one…and I am paying.

Friday after work, I was just sour at it and needed some pizza and beers in me. So I went to the JWH with German, and Jackass surprised us…ok not really. Geek Princess even came out. We started drinking, and having fun. I wanted to go home around 10, somewhere around midnight, I realized I was in for a long haul. Tallegdega’s sisters were out and about, and Jackass and Me went out to Dendrino’s with them. Some random girl goes she was going to Tim Mcgraw concert, I said I hope Tim Mcgraw gets ball cancer, she flipped out on me. Tallegdega’s sisters rushed to my defense, it really touched me. I never had a girl stick up for me, and almost go to war for me. That night I had two.  I also ran into my friend’s niece which was really…really odd. I knew her since she was like 5.

Saturday –  I met Jackass, Torino, and Stitches even came out for a drink….well 2 drinks, and 50 shots. We went to Home Depot, aka Chicago Blu, and really knocked the shots back, we were relentless. I was fucked up nine different ways, because I didn’t eat anything. Just got up and went to Chi Blu. I was grocery shopping, and passed out in the parking lot for 45 minutes. I never got my second wind, I just stayed home the rest of the night.

Sunday – Was Towelie’s bday party…his 40th yikes that means mine is creeping ever so close. It was a good day, really hot and humid though, but I survived. The usualy cast was all there. Drinking Bacardi-O and Red Bulls got me back in the mood to drink. I then stopped by Durbins, and they put me to fricking work, I got a few free beers out of it. Overall a great time. Towelie is just a great guy, this guy makes the salt of the earth look like a pile of dogshit, and I’m glad he’s my friend.

Monday – Who knew drinking 3 gallons of Red Bull would give you a shitty nights sleep….yep paying for it now…one by one. I thought to myself, I could a nap…then my boss walked past….FUCK!


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