Whom the Gods Destroy, They first make Mad.

Old quote I think from Socrates, or Aristotle. The Gods certainly destroyed a friend of mine.

I wasn’t always “popular” nor was I even socialable, when I was a kid growing up I was the proverbial fat kid, picked on, scorned by the girls, blah, blah, blah. It is what it is, let’s move on. So I’m not that popular, I really only had a few friends, the inner cadre so to speak. One of these guys I will call Simian, after a game we made up called Simian King, which was really just basketball played in his basement.

Simian is  extremely intelligent, but with his extreme intelligence came really no common sense. For example he knew all the fallacies of an argument, yet he use to play football in his bare feet in cold weather. Simian and me we’re very good friends, he shared my love of gaming, such board games as Axis and Allies, a strategy game based on World War II, really I sucked, but I was extremely lucky, so sometimes I actually won. Many a night we played Euchre, 500 Rummy, and other card games. He also loved the same shows I did, Star Trek, Dr.Who, Monty Python.

As with all things, it changes. The Inner Cadre of friends grew up, and moved on with their lives. Some went to the army, some moved out of state, and one passed away….Simian was no different, he went to see the world in the Peace Corps, then went to teach english in Korea.

Then a visit back home for Christmas,  with another close friend of mine, Simian started acting very strange, and saying wierd stuff like how people are watching him, and asked if I had cameras set up in Korea. We alerted his sister, that Simian was acting very odd indeed. Turns out he was diagnosed with several mental illnesses, and was given medicine.

Well he went back to Korea, and obviously stopped taking his meds.  That’s when the emails started, just insane, paranoid emails, each one a dagger to my heart.  Each time me pleading for him to go get some help, each time he wouldn’t.  His poor family is at their wits, end they tried everything. We all even are trying tough love, meaning no real support so he turns to the support he needs. Even that isn’t working.

He came back from Korea yesterday, and he is in his family’s care, they are trying to get him help, but he is refusing. In the end I’m just so sad, and angry, my old friend is gone, and the one that has taken control of his body is getting me angry, like I just want to beat him until he starts making sense again.  I know all the old cliches, about making a horse drink, and logically I know there is nothing I can do…except pray.


One Response to “Whom the Gods Destroy, They first make Mad.”

  1. For what it is worth, I will pray for your friend, too.

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