A Blonde Moment

So much thanks to Geek Princess, she dyed my hair blonde, and did a great job. Thanks to Nascar, Frumpy, Tallegdega, and Commando for cheering me on. Everyone is doing a double take, and just digging it. Even my Mom liked it. The people at work after taken aback, really liked it.

It isn’t going to last, cause at the block party this year, I’m doing it into a mohawk, and then later shaving it all off. Until then when I do something stupid I could say I had a blonde moment.

When I looked in the mirror when I went blonde I wondered why I went to extreme lengths, and then I laughed.

Last night went out for a few drinks. Saw this real cute bartender from Durbins up at JWH, drunk as a mother fucker, and I was really shocked cause I thought she was the good girl type….guess I was wrong, speaking of good girl Frumpy yet again surprised me, and joined me at Durbins.

I love corrupting people, I don’t know why I do, maybe something cause I’m corrupted, I like bringing people down to my level. One of the few people I love corrupting the most is Frumpy, more so than other people because she is a quiet, shy girl normally, and when she comes out of her shell she is really funny, that it really cracks me up.

Another reason I like corrupting people, is when they feel like shit the next day it really makes me smile. Can’t have good, without the bad.


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