Ultra Monday Hangover

So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted here, let’s start at the beginning. Last weekend, it started with my friend’s Jackass Dad’s birthday.  Jackass’s Dad always cracks me up, he looked at my blond hair and just walked away, shaking his head. Just a great group of people, and had a great time.

Yea I dyed my hair blonde for the block party, I do goofy things to it, and shave it off the next day. Plus the theme was Vikings, so Vikings had blonde hair, right? 

The Block Party came and went, I wish I could give you details but I became functionally retarded between the 2nd, and 3rd shot of Absinthe.  It was real hot, and I know I wandered around alot, and I lost a lot of fluid drooling over all the scantily clad girls. Overall it was a good time, but this year it seemed flat, not as great as the years past. I really can’t put my finger on it. I would blame the heat, but it’s always been hot at the block party that never stopped us before.

I took a couple days off, I was going to go downtown and sight see, but it was way too hot. I got some things done, went out for a few drinks.

This weekend was pretty interesting. Friday went out with Jackass, and German.  We were hanging out with some girls, and they started fighting, and I was the reason. I was hammered, and it happened way to fast. German said that a girl, we’ll call Killer said something to a girl we’ll call Mulva. Mulva pushed her, and it was on.  I thought I heard something about “Breaking River’s heart”, and German filled me in, he says Killer said, “So you’re the reason River went to Teehans, Are you his girlfriend, you want to fight me?”  Something to that effect. The fucked up thing is they we’re both mad at me cause I didn’t really choose a side.  In my defense and it happened so fast, plus I may have leaned to Killer’s side a little more, cause she is one of my best friend’s sister.

It was a booze-fueled moment of stupidity, but I have to admit it was pretty cool, and ego boosting too.

Saturday I stayed in, Sunday I went out for a couple…ok a few, and I had a few too many.  The JWH busboys were having a party in the back of JWH, and there were some fine Mexican hotties there, but other then that just went home.

Well I’m back to work now, and it’s really biting my balls right now, cause everyone saves things until I get back, and dumps them on me.


One Response to “Ultra Monday Hangover”

  1. Maybe you are growing up? Nah, that couldn’t be it… 😛

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