There’s a certain brotherhood within the tech universe, that we computer people share.

At several places I worked, like Governors State, or FTD there have been numerous amount of Techs that worked with me, sometimes being the lone IT guy at this company I miss that camaraderie of fellow nerds, and geeks. Not just for the mere fact of having people backing me up when I’m not around, just to have someone there to bounce ideas off of, and to let off steam.

Governors State University was probably the greatest place I ever worked, because I had such awesome people surrounding me. The awesomest thing is I had a hand in shapping their future. There’s alot of Governors State Interns that I helped mold, and went on to great careers in IT.

It was a great learning atmosphere as well, we would set up our own test systems, and play around with them. Push each other when it came to pass certfiications, and then we would let off steam together. We would play games until 5am on the campus network, then go hit Egg and I restaurant for some hazelnut coffee. The memories of the screams of those interns as I crush them in a video game like Starcraft, or Quake still makes me chuckle.

FTD was the same way, a bunch of men and women working for a big company in the trenches together, we would do alot together. Go to bars, and to this one guys house which was nerd haven. We played video games on a projector against a wall. Most of us would play World of Warcraft together, and we would talk about it endlessly. You would think we would get tired of it, no we wouldn’t. We would all play this Tron game at work, and one day an unknown player logs on called “YourFired”, and started destroying all of us, it turned out to be our boss.   I would work Saturdays, and it would be slow in the afternoon, and we would just shoot the shit. Talk about florists, and their stupidity.  One time for a party I brought some Mt.Gay Rum, screaming who wants to reach the top of Mt. Gay, or when my buddy Legger, got so drunk he was ordering Grey Goose, and Vodkas at North Beach.

Like all things, times and places change and I’m stuck here, one lone beastie I be. It’s not wholly a bad thing, but once in awhile I miss when I have a stupid user, there’s no one to turn to, to comment and laugh, or when we want to blow off steam and hit lunch all together. I’m not one to live in the past, but once in a while when things are tough here, I miss those days.



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