This is where the bottom drops out.

So more problems with getting the house,  so we’ll see, really just waiting on them to say, welp you lost the contract, and your 1000 bucks. Like I said I don’t get excited over stuff, until it actually happens.

I went to Maywood yesterday to seal my arrest record, got stuck in traffic, a 45 minute trip took almost 2 hours. I was late to court, freaking out. Turns out they changed it to next week, without telling anyone. Here’s the awesome part we got studies next week, I can’t get off unless I get hit by a bus. Hopefully my lawyer can reschedule.  If not I really don’t know what I will do.

It was weird walking the halls of that courthouse again, brought back some memories. I remember just going in sweats, cause I had nothing but contempt for the system. If I could instill one thing in the youth of today is that every decision you make, like a pebble in a still pond, has a ripple effect on the rest of your life. Think before you act.

After that I was a little sour, went had a few drinks with some friends, Commando, RJ, and Frumpy.  Unlike my male brethern who shun getting stuck by women in a group talking to themselves. I enjoy how the topics go back and fro. As I told #1, it’s like going to ADD group therapy, they talk about clothes, jersey shore, boobs, ghosts, and several other topics in a span of minutes. Never sticking to one topic too long.  As much as I am allowed to view behind the curtain of the other sex though, I don’t think I will every understand them, and their motivations.

I have to laugh, #1 was said I was big pimping sitting with all the girls. I was never popular with the girls growing up, actually I never really had a girl who was my friend until after high school. Here I am talking to the most beautiful women in the South Suburbs.  The little annoyances of my life seemed trivial at that point. My life isn’t that bad, and when it’s said and done….My funeral is going to have some pretty hot babes at it.

I watched Jersey Shore for the first time last night. I felt like just weeping at the legacy of our generation. I said on Facebook, that Ancient Man build wonders of the world, such as the Great Pyramids, or the Great Wall. The best we can do is a TV show about absorbed douchebags.  The Zombie Apocalypse can’t come soon enough.  

Tomorrow an old friend gets married, his nickname is the Bishop, cause my brother is the Pope. Don’t ask it’s an Italian thing. I’m looking forward to it, cause we had some good times back in the day. Congratulations to him, and his new wife.




One Response to “This is where the bottom drops out.”

  1. Regarding the condo… I think everything will turn out in your favor. You’ve got some pretty powerful and stubborn people fighting for you. But if something happens and it doesn’t go through, you should get your earnest money back because THEY are in breach of contract, not you. Try to stay positive… a negative attitude with this kind of stuff can make a huge impact on the outcome.

    You did look pretty pimpin’ when I drove by and saw you will all of the ladies. You were leaning back in your chair, scratching your chin… I couldn’t help but laugh. I was going to stop by but I’m kind of covered in hives right now so I didn’t feel like looking like a cooty infested person in public. LOL

    Thing will look up. You were just having a bad day. Suck it up and move on… or hire yourself a hooker this weekend. That will make you feel better I’m sure.

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