Monday Hangover

Friday – I stayed in,  to prep for Saturday.

Saturday – Was my good friends Bishop’s wedding. Some of my friends are probably like Whhaaa? Let me explain, there’s a movie out called Pope of Greenwich Village, it stars Mickey Rourke. It’s a total WOP movie. Well back in the day my brother was the pope, and this guy was the bishop. Thus his nickname was Bishop, and no that’s not a real name, nor is he related to some other people that may or may not go by that name.

Bishop is a real good guy, many, many years back, when me and my brother use to live together. We use to order the NFL package. One morning I come out of my bedroom there’s Bishop laying on my couch. I’m like, “Where’s my brother?”  Bishop replies, “Work!”  I sit there stunned a bit, ” Why are you here?”  Bishop says, “Raider’s game babe”  I just shrug, “Cool, let’s order some pizza”

Anyway so Bishop, and my brother’s crew love to drink. I thought I would bring someone who use to hang with the old crew. I brought the Ginny. I use to call her Italian Princess, but there’s way too many princesses in my life. Also in Godfather, I love when the husband goes, “Pick it up you spoiled Ginny Brat” , and she is. LOL! 

First off Ginny cleans up nice, she was looking good actually. I had to pick up my mouth from the floor. As soon as I got there I started drinking. I made this new concotion it’s called the Caribou Lou, but I might change the name to River Juice, and steal it. Basically it’s Bacardi 151, Malibu Rum, and Pineapple Juice, and it’s from the Devil.

I was feeling pretty good, when the videographer came around, and asked if I wanted to say a few words, I said this, “A marriage is like a scrotum, and team thrusting into the future, banging together upon the taint of life, until you both explode as you meet your goals.”  Later on when I was feeling really good, the videographer was around, someone asked me why I was there,  I replied, “I’m here for there donkey show”

Stoopid booze.

So anyway my Bishops, and my brothers friends are recording artists of no small merit. They are pretty famous in dance music circles.  Check them out…  Music Plant Records.  They performed at the Wedding which was pretty cool, they even got me into the act.

Another funny thing was one of my brothers friend’s was hitting on the Ginny all night. I’ll call the friend the Joker. When Joker gets drunk he gets this evil..well Joker face. Joker asked if me and Ginny were romantically inclined, and if I minded if he was hitting on her. I said to Joker, “Even if we were romantically inclined, she’s a big girl, and can handle herself. I seen punch a dude out before”  The great thing about Joker, he pretty much shoots himself in the foot, and it’s funny to see.  I think he almost had Ginny at the line, “You would look great in some rope, and duct tape. ”  He seriously said that.  Joker’s a great guy though, he just loves to party.

That’s why I love my brother’s friends, their great people that just love to have fun, and love life.  That’s why I have their back, because they watch out for my brother. It was just a great time.

Sunday – I just recouped, and had lunch with my Grandfather. He’s doing a tad better. Still it’s rough.

Next weekend is the Titties and Beer party, and Jackass’s Birthday. I think it’s gonna get pretty nutty


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