The Next Challenge

I try to step up goals, and have some sort of direction in my life.

I got a newer car, I am hopefully getting a new place to live, if the condo deal falls through, I’m just going to get an apartment.

There are three things left on my agenda in life.

1. I need to lose weight, and become more healthy. 

    The Goal: Lose 100 pounds by my 40th birthday.    

    A. Diet – I got to cut back..period.

    B. Exercise – I need to lift more, muscle burns fat and calories, I need more of it.

   Obstacles – 

   Will – I have none, I will need to find the inspiration to overcome.

   Booze – I love  it, alot. I need to cut back, perhaps one night a week.

  Sweets – I have a notorious sweet tooth, got to put an end to that.

2. I want a steady girlfriend, and relationship.

     The Goal: To find a girl that loves me, and wants to be with me.

     A. Have to figure out what I want in a girl.

     B. Make an effort once I have a girl, to keep her.


Stubborness – I like things my way, or it’s the highway. I need to learn to compromise more.

Fate – Up to now, the girls I loved didn’t love me back.

Judgemental- I am hyper critical of myself, sometimes that extends to others.

3. I want to write a book.

 The Goal: To be published by the end of the year.

    A. Either a book set in the Warhammer Universe.

    B. A book in the Scifi/Fantasy/Horror Genre.

   C. A poetry book.

Obstacles –

1. Laziness – Sometimes I get lazy, I need to beat it.

2. Real World Issues – I get bombarded by real life, I need to delegate more, and try to dodge some of the shit storms.

3. Money – If I am going to self publish I will need it.


That’s really my goals for the upcoming year, I wanted a place to have them written down, so I can remind myself whatI am working for.


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