Monday Hangover

As I write this I’m running on only a couple hours sleep. Stoopid Red Bull. The problem with me is I drink so much sometimes I really can’t recall what happened but I will try.  

Friday, I worked late but I caught up to Jackass, and German at the JW Hollstiens,  and hit it hard myself.  I remember just drinking Black Haus shot after Black Haus shot. I remember being a dancing fool, and see a couple of bartenders who work up Durbins, and Teehans at JWH.   We took a group of guys and did Large Irish Car Bombs at Teehans. Then as the night wore on we made our way to Durbins. Then at one point of the night it was just Jackass and Me sitting on a Park Bench drinking. I think he said between the two of us we finished a bottle of Capt. Morgans. We then had a bright idea of ding dong ditching Frumpy. So me being the courageous one, rang her bell. All of a sudden like a bat out of hell, I hear someone running down the stairs. I try to hide but no avail. She goes, “What the hell are you guys doing?”  I go, “You got a beer?”  She sighs and let us in.  Jackass then left, and Frumpy and I decided to hit the Olympic Star. We look in Frumpy’s parking lot. Tallegdega is passed out in his truck. We try to wake him to no avail. The German is up, so I scoop him up, and we get a nice breakfast.

Saturday was our friend Torino, and Commandos Annual Titties and Beer party which happens to fall on Jackass’s Birthday. I hit it hard there too. I just remember eating some awesome grub. Jackass ramming his head in the frosting, trying to hug everyone with frosting. A friends hairy chest which will haunt me, and just girls passed out piled in a room in the back like a coat room.  By the end though I sobered up a bit, and everyone else was either gone or passed out. So I decided to go, I hit Kickoffs, and Olympic Star. Then called it a night.

Sunday – I got a bug up my ass and wanted to drink some more. So Iwent to JWH, started drinking with some girls I know, and a fellow regular guy. A dance party broke out amongst the girls at JWH, and it was just a fun time. I did way to many Bacardi O and Redbulls.Ended up getting no sleep…at all.

I wish I could fill you in more…but my brain is way to taxed right now.


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