Monday Hangover

It was all about taking things old school this weekend.

First of all my Cuz, White Chocolate, or WC was out, with the Ginny, and The Wolf on Friday.  I think WC was a little drunk when we picked him up, cause he was in rare form. He ran out in his underwear told us he’ll be right down, and ran back in the house.  We went to Fat Sams first, cause there was a girls birthday party there, and I gave my word I would show up, and when I give my word I keep it. So we went there for one drink, and it was pretty lame, but I bought the bday girl a shot, and we jetted to hit the Tinley Park Area. Started off at Teehans, WC put like 20 bucks in the jukebox, and played all his songs right away which costs like double. After pounding a few we went to Holstiens where we met up with an out of control Jackass. Then we ended up at Durbins, where WC let Angry Guy come out. My cousin when he has a little too much sometimes gets offended a tosh by little things…like people staring at him. Then he becomes angry, I try to calm him down, but deep down part of me hopes someone fucks with him, I would end that mofo.  In the end WC pooped out, I guess it sucks getting old.

On Saturday, I got together with a bunch of old high school buddies, which was nice we all haven’t been in the same room together in a long…long time, even my buddy who just retired from the army. We drank too much, smoked cigars, played cards, ripped into each other, just like old times. It was so great to see these guys, before The River there was just Cavelle.  Even though I miss these guys, they have their own lives, and I have mine…probably won’t see them in quite some time again.  Though my past isn’t anything to write home about, and I didn’t have much in my life. We still had some good times, like I said in a Facebook post of mine, “It’s not about how you spend your money, it’s how you spend your life”

The married old guys all got drunk, so I hit the bars, and JWH was just a shit show everyone was drunk. RJ was screaming “Lick my Clit”, several girls were passed out at the bar. Commando licked me. I sure hope she didn’t blow Torino recently. Jackass was dancing, and out of control. After everything closed, The Tinley Sasquatch (a hairy friend of ours) and me went to Jackass’s, we knocked off a bottle of Black Haus between the three of us, but to my credit I left right before the bottle was done, like there was at least a shot left in there.

Sunday went over Torino’s and Commando’s. Commando was having a Mary Kay party, cause OCD works for Mary Kay. I made sure I gave to the cause, My friends are always so giving to me, generousity is easy with this group.  

Over all  great weekend, a mix of old friends, and new.  Some new memories made, and some old memories remembered.


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