Monday Hangover

Friday – I went out for a bit after work. I stayed longer then I wanted to. Jackass got all fucked up, he was probably nervous about starting to bounce. There was also a little drama, it happens no big deal.

Saturday started with Me, Tallegdega, Torino, and German at the Chicago Blu, I was hammering Root Beer Floats pretty good.  Then I went to a friends party, it was a family party mostly  but it was cool, I do all their computer work. After that I stopped at Tallegdega’s, and the Ginny was tagging along with me. We were having a good time, but I wanted to hit the bars, and bother Jackass. I use to bounce, and I use to watch Jackass’s back alot, though he didn’t need it I still did, and I had to stop him doing the crazier shit. Now that he’s bouncing, there’s a little payback there. So I drank two plastic shots of Jager Bombs, and smashed them in front of him, told him “Now What?”.

I want to also say a word here, there’s a couple of people in my life right now (a girl, and a guy) who are feeling unrequited love (that’s love you feel for someone that isn’t returned) It’s rough, I know it, I been there. It’s no excuse though to act like a love struck puppy, or act like an ass.  There are times in my life most recently in fact, where I get the middle finger by someone who I thought loved me, and I loved them.. It doesn’t fuck up my plans, I’m going to live the best life I can, and if that person doesn’t want to be a part of it….fuck’em. I’ll find someone who will, or no one at all. 

Living well is the best revenge, and man I live pretty fucking well. I guess we all can 

After the bars, we hit Tallegdega’s place again and it was fun, until someone broke some shit, and it got out of hand. When Tallegdega got pissed, and I had to get up early I thought it best to make my escape.  

But it didn’t do me any good, I still lacked sleep the next morning, Me and the Ginny stayed up and chatted until the sun came up, like the good ole days. I like the art of conversation, believe it or not when I was younger I was shitty at it. That’s a story unto itself.

Sunday – I visited my Stepdad in the Hospital, and took my Grandpa out to lunch, tried a new Restaurant Round the Clock, it was surprisingly good. We’ll see if it lasts. Later that night saw a movie, “Our Idiot Brother” Meh it was ok, then hit the bars for a couple. I was in by 1am

Overall a good weekend.

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