My Hatred for Clowns

I’m not afraid of circus clowns, like some people, I’m not even creeped out by them. I just hate them with a passion. How can I hate such lovable charactors,  I’ll tell you why…

Back when I was a 6 year old boy, my family went to Florida. At the time they had a theme park called Circus World, it was a nickel and dime operation. Saying it was a shit hole would be speaking way to highly of it.

There was a spot where Cruel Parents could get their kid’s faces painted just like a clown. My Mother thought it would be cute that I got my face painted like a clown. I didn’t want to do it, the reason is lost to me with age, but I remember I just didn’t want to do it. Now with most rational people that would of been that. Nope, It’s Mom’s way or the highway. Having my suck ass brother volunteering to be the clown didn’t help either.

So amongst the tears of being beat, and humiliation I got my face painted, now I remember this repressed bit of my history vaguely. I remember sitting there, clown painting my face, and the clown saying, “What’s wrong, such a sad boy, I’ll paint a happy face on you”  My thought there at 6 years old was to wipe out him, and kill every clown in the room.

Now for years my family tortured me with a picture of me, with my face painted. Thank god that picture is lost in obscurity. Now you know why I hate fucking clowns.


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