Tuesday Hangover

So it being a long weekend…I partied a little harder.

Friday – I had a Fantasy Football draft, never been to a live one. It was really fun and interesting. I’m in it with Jackass, and his brother. I’m looking forward to kicking their asses, after that we hit the bars, and we hit it hard. My brother came out that night as well. So I was happy to have him out. We hit Dendrinos, and when we were leaving Jackass drops his shorts, and plants his ass on my windshield. I had an ass mark on my fricking windshield. After that we went to Jackass’s crib where the girls we were with had a little tiff. After it was all settled me and Jackass sat on the bench on Oak Park, and talked about life. That’s probably the moments I treasure most, when Tinley Park has all but gone to bed, at pre-dawn, and just talking things out with my best friend. Really I love talking about life in general with any of my friends.

Saturday – Started off at Commando’s and Torinos place, had a few there then went to the bars. I never seen Jackass so messed up, even I was worried. Was hanging out with Geek Princess at the Bars. I asked my guitar teacher out to breakfast, but I ended up passing out in my car. Oh dear, when I came to….I went to breakfast.

Sunday – Most of my friends went to Jackass Parent’s cottage, I couldn’t because I promised my Grandfather I would take him out to dinner. I am a man of my word. After that spent some time with the German, went home took a nice dump at home, and a nap. I decided that I was gonna go someplace else besides Tinley, I hit the New Paddy B’s in Orland, and Fat Sam’s. Where I met up with some real old friends which was nice.

Monday- Just pretty much chilled, and picked up my game Space Marine, gonna play it tonight…yea Laundry Night.

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