The Laughter of Thirsting Gods

Sometimes I feel like a pawn in some game, I have alot of my hearts desires within my reach, but for whatever reason they slip away. That some merciless God is keeping me around, toying with me, laughing at my little plots, and plans just to smash them at the right time.

I am a big advocate of fate, I believe our lives are pretty much linear with the illusion of choice.

If we are resigned to our fates, whats the point of it all then. I seek to bend fate, that one thing that will unravel whatever this life has in store for me, I’ve been seeking since I was 18 for a way to cast off these shackles. I have studied everything from the Bible to the Necronomicon, and every tome in between. I’ve dabbled in everything from the Black Arts, to Spiritualism. I have sought some shred of proof, some scrap of information for me to rise above this mortal coil we are doomed to.

My efforts were all for naught, and here I stand a bigger fool then I was before. The Gods laugh at me, and all I can do is laugh with them.

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