Monday Hangover

Friday – I had to work late, and I pretty much stayed in.

Saturday – Different story went out early with Jackass, wasn’t going to stay out too late cause we had a Bears game the next day. Well the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. One thing of note Notre Dame was playing Michigan, and if anyone knows me well they know I’m a big Michigan fan. Well I bet Tallegdega a couple bucks the Michigan would still win at the half, when ND was winning. Well it was one of the greatest comebacks I ever seen, as well as game.  So after a Michigan game.  I was feeling well frisky, and got all drunk. I don’t remember much I do remember dancing with some strange chick. I was also challenged to do a Car Bomb at Teehans, it was a very close race. He started a little earlier then me, and he won by a second. I let him have it .  By the end of the night I was drunk dancing with some strange girl at Durbins.

Sunday – Bears Game means serious drinking, and I drank…alot.  Bears won, and it was a great time. Commando and me, played a little pimp and ho scene on Oak Park Avenue. Commando screamed “You owe me 50 bucks!” I yelled back, “You weren’t that good, mind you place ho”

The boys at Teehans loved it.

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