The Sanctity of Marriage

Being the Idealist I am a big believer in the instituition of marriage, I always have.  Marriage is an Ideal to me. It is a vow in front of your peers, family, and God to make a commitment unto death.

Some of my issues with my mother started way back when. She divorced my father over the worst thing for me to divorce someone for financial. My Dad like me isn’t a financial whiz, but he was a great salesman, but like all sales sometimes business just sucks. So my Mom for a bit was the major bread winner. I guess she didn’t like that, so she left.  I went through a hard time with my dad, because of it. I’ve seen my brother, friends, and other family go through their trials and tribulations with marriage as well.

Perhaps I am a fool, perhaps the goal of marrying the woman I love, and growing old with her is a outdated concept, but I have been a fool for much assanine reasons. I cringe whenever I see a girl or guy cheating on their marriage, not that I feel they are bad people, I just feel that you make a vow/promise you keep it, that’s just me though. I rarely hold people up to the the high standards that I hold myself with.

Married men say I don’t know how good I got it. They only remember the good things about being single, their is some bad things. I think also I really like the idea of a team conquering and going through life, and not just myself.  As for me I look forward to someday calling a girl my wife, but you know, The plans of mice and men often goes awry.





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