Moving Day

Well the great experiment in buying a place is over. The Condo deal though not a total bust, I kind of let the deal die on its own accord. For a couple of reasons, 1. I was sick of waiting, I am patient but there are limits to my patience, in addition I have to get out of my Mother’s place. Don’t get me wrong I love my Mother, but she’s slipping hard into dementia, and her gambling habit. I have to get out before she drags me down into insanity as well, and lets face it my grasp on my sanity is tenuous at best as well.  2. I think it’s time to get a new job, and if I’m on the job hunt, I want to be a little more mobile, and not locked into something I couldn’t break.  

Yeah I think it’s time to move on, alot of shady business is going on over here. Communication is at an all time low. When communication is not happening in business that is not a good thing. Also they are not filling positions that are vacant when people leave.

It’s weird how things work out to, an opportunity just came my way, making more money. We’ll I don’t like to count chickens before they hatch, but the only thing is it’s a downtown job, and who know what will happen. I just find it extremely coincidental.

I secured an apartment, and I’ll be moving Oct 8th the latest into a place in Tinley Park. Where? I ain’t telling. I don’t want you people to know where I live. LOL!

A little Chaotic in my life, but that’s a good thing. Chaos is where I dwell, and I thrive at.

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