Monday Hangover…on a Tuesday

Welp here we are again, another weekend…plus Monday flew right by.

Friday I went out with Jackass, and RJ and we had a blast. RJ really just cracks me up, she just speaks whats on her mind, and she really just doesn’t give a fuck. I left her in Jackass’s capable hands….ok maybe not so much. Then I headed to Teehans, and then Durbins. I don’t remember really where I was until 6am…stoopid booze, but I didn’t get home until then.

Saturday – I popped up at 8am to go get an oil change, didn’t do much…I stayed in because I had a big Nascar day.

Sunday – I woke up at a little before 4am…yea you read that right…I woke up. I headed to Nascars house for get this a Nascar race. I feel bad for Nascar, she wanted to show me how fun this stuff was. Turns out it was raining and miserable. I still had fun, talking to people, getting free stuff, I can really enjoy myself anywhere. I might even go back to a race.

After that I went home, grabbed some dinner, headed up to JWH…and entered the Shit show. Tallagdega, Jackas, Commando, Torino, and a bunch of other people were fricking hammered. There was even a fight. Towelie was there with me sober too. I just wanted one, and to go. I was so fricking tired it was Ridonkulous. I had to stop by Teehans, and Durbins but by then I was out and out dead.

Monday – I took off, cause between you, me , and this blog. I had an interview with a recruiter, he might have a new job for me. Let’s see.

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