Birthday Hangover

I like to celebrate my birthday for a few days, to me it’s a high holiday. It’s not a celebration of my birth, it’s a celbration of surviving another year.

Wow 39, it’s still mind boggling to me, one step away from 40. Who knew I would see this age, and be where I’m at today.

Friday – I went to an all you can eat seafood buffet, holy shit I hit it hard, too hard. I think I overdid it so much, I still haven’t normalized. The buffet was on the riverboat, so I did a little gambling, won a bit of money, nothing fantastic.

Saturday – It was my Pimp and Hoes Party, and what a great time it was. My female friends all “Ho’d” out for me, and even some of the guys got into the act. It was the complete opposite of my last birthday, which was spent in the hospital. I just wish I could remember more, I remember stuffing Jackass in my trunk and going to Kickoff’s, when I opened the trunk and Jackass popped out the people next to my car was stunned. I have to admit, I did smoke some weed that night as well. On my birthday or around I tend to get a little goofy, and I had a hankering for some weed. I use to smoke it all the time back in the day. Well the end result was me passing out in Jackass parking lot.

Sunday – Running on one hours sleep, I showered, and came back to start drinking again, I was hurting but I kept going until 11pm, The funniest thing this day was Jackass lighting his farts in the beer garden.

Monday – My actual birthday, just pretty much rested, had a nice huge steak dinner, then went out for some drinks. Nothing to outlandish, but when I went to Durbins, a girl there went ballistic on me, saying I knew this girl, and stuck up for this girl, whom she hated. She was mother fucking me, and calling me all sorts of names. I looked at the bartender and went, “My fan club is here”  The bartender tossed the girl out.

Tuesday – just relaxed and enjoyed my day off.

Well that’s about it. I just want to thank all my friends for making my birthday one to remember for a long time, and I hope I bring a little fun into their life, as much as they bring fun into mine.

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