Monday Hangover

Well it was a good weekend, and a little different.

Friday – I stayed in and was a good boy.

Saturday – It seemed everyone had their own agenda, so I heard a band AWOLNATION, was playing the Metro. The tickets were stupid cheap, and I thought it was better then doing the same ole same ole. It was a good time, I spent a bit much on parking, but it was close to the Metro, and I didn’t feel like driving around all day looking for parking. The Ginny went with me, I think she had a good time. I don’t know about how fun it was when I almost killed both of us going down a one way street, In my defense the detour arrow pointed down the one way street. 

After that we hit the bars in Tinley, This cougar was talking my arm, and leg off. Ginny didn’t save me from this broad. Good going with that. Some of the bartender staff was drinking up there too. So it was a good time, got a little tipsy.

Sunday – Was the Bears Football game at JWH, I got messed up…I mean really messed up. Like messed up still monday morning kind of messed up. Great game too,  Bears Won. And it was a great end to a great weekend.



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