Achtung Baby

I guess my story with The German started many years ago when he tried pushing over Jackass a table at the bar I bounced at.  Over the years we got closer as friends. He’s a quiet guy, doesn’t say much, but that makes what he says that much important.

Sometimes I wonder why he even hangs around me, we are on different ends of the spectrum. I’m over the top, and he flies under the radar, I drink mass amounts…him not so much. He’s more practical, and I’m more radical. As different as we are, there is a core about us that is the same, I think the best moments shared with the German are those quiet moments sitting in front of JWH letting the world go by. The German I don’t think I ever seen mad, or angry, even when me and Jackass knock on his door at 3am, he opens it and just goes, “Come on in, beer in the fridge.”  He takes our shenigans in stride, and doesn’t miss a beat.  

Sometimes I worry about the German, I feel like he thinks himself into a corner too often. That I wish he shot from the hip more often. I’m proud of him doing things more for himself like taking motorcycle lessons, and going to church. I know what it’s like to wandering about living your life for other people, and not really living your life.  Other times, I get a little angry and envious of the German, I feel he’s got his shit more together then me and Jackass, yet he doesn’t embrace life as much as we do. I think if he grabbed the bull by the horns a little more, what a fantastic life he could lead.

I know, It’s easier said than done, but I see the German living a little more these days then in the past. I think with a few more years of tutelage he’ll be just as fucked up as Jackass and Me.  The German is like the younger brother I never had, imparting wisdom when I can, but then standing back and watching him grow as a person. Bottomline I know he cares about me, and that he’s always got my back. I hope he knows he can come to me with anything, talk to me about anything. He’s a good man, I hope that never changes

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