#1 is not #2

Tell you the truth besides Nora (who I can use her real name, because she once had a blog as well), there really wouldn’t be a blog without #1. She has promoted me more than anyone I know, and really gave me incentive to keep going. She is #1, because she was, and is my #1 fan around here.

When I first met #1, I thought she was a bull dyke lesbian, no lie, I sure did. I was sitting at the bar, and this girl in a bandanna made some smart ass comment to me. I was like whatever…dyke.  After a while of hanging out with me, she grew on me like some sort of growth. I forget exactly how she found out I had a blog, but she did. I remember she got drunk one time, and she said I wrote so good she wanted to suck my dick. How’s that for incentive to write better.

Even though I give her tons of shit, she is a good friend, and has never let me down yet. I have much respect for #1, she works hard for her 3 kids, trying her best to provide for them. It’s hard as a single mother, and I give her all the credit in the world, all the while battling some major health issues.  She reminds me alot of my family, #1 is very skilled at aggravating me, and I give it back to her. She is always quick to ask me how I’m doing, and what’s going on in my life. I tried to buy a condo, and she was with me every step of the way, even when it fell through.  I find it funny, she tries to act like a tough cookie, but I know she’s soft as shit inside, and I think we seen each other at the best of times, and the worst of times. Hell she seen me so plastered, I think I licked her feet, and her breast. Stoopid Booze. Over the years we shared alot of laughs, and few tears. As I look back just so many great memories, like me drinking out of her bidet, or her whacking me in the balls…well I did say a few tears.

Lately #1 has been stepping away from the bar scene, and just group things in general. I don’t know the reasons, to it doesn’t matter to me,  because I know she’s still there for me. I wish her happiness no matter what, and I hope she knows no matter where she goes, or what she does I won’t stop being her friend, or I won’t stop being there if she needs me. 

Bottomline  I’m happy I got the chance to know a person like #1, there’s a special place in my heart for her.

3 Responses to “#1 is not #2”

  1. Thanks for saying all of those nice things about me… What do I owe ya?

  2. Your load would be at least 3,000 proof. Thank God I don’t drink like I used to. LOL

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