Monday Hangover

Well Moving Day came and went.

Friday- I stopped up at Jamesons for a few, German, Jackass, and Torino were there as well. I went home early so I can pack and stuff, from what I hear Jackass had a real adventure without me, but that’s his tale to tell.  

Saturday- I actually moved. I would like to thank everyone who offered to help, but I’m a little stubborn. See to me I don’t like to help anyone move, so how can I ask someone to help me move…I would be a hypocrite then. I also refuse to be a burden to anyone, so there is another thing. I also think of it as a personal challenge to do it by myself, it’s hard going up the 3 flights of stairs so much, but it’s a good workout.

I got alot of stuff moved in, and I even got some groceries…if peanut butter, bread, and jam are considered groceries. The place itself is a big 1 bedroom, and looking forward to staying there quite some time. It’s good to be on my native soil too.

That night I was renergized my own place, in my home town. I went and did the rounds, and I was hammering it pretty hard. I did the tour of the bars. Got a little bit blurry after JWH, I went to Teehans, and the bartender there I got a little crush on. She was letting me stick money in her bra, she even kissed me goodbye, she planted one right on the lips.  Then I hit Durbins, it was ok. I ended up at Dendrinos with the JWH crew, the girls had me rolling. They were making fun of this guy with suspenders. Hilarious.

Sunday – I went to bed at around 5am, woke up 8am…wide awake. Either I was so filled with energy or all the red bull I was drinking.  I washed my blankets, then I went to my Mom’s finished packing. I left a pamphlet I had from Vegas I found, about knowing when to stop gambling. I don’t think she appreciated that. After that I went back to JWH for a few with Jackass. Let’s just say it ended up to be more then a few. I went home at a decent time though and called it an early evening.

One Response to “Monday Hangover”

  1. Congrats on your new place! I can’t wait to see it, and no I don’t mean that in some dirty sort of way. 🙂

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