We’re going Commando

If I had a little sister I wish she would be as funny, pretty, and smart as Commando. Like a sister she is always there worrying about, making sure I had enough to eat, or drink. Supporting me, or being honest with me and telling me when I’m being stupid. Life is funny how you meet people, and they come into your lives. Commando dates Torino, and by some quirk of fate they started hanging out with me and Jackass at Bears games, and as the years went by we became better friends.

Commando is everyone’s sounding board, which is a testament to her wisdom, and knowledge. Everyone seems to go to Commando to help them with their problems. Which I worry for her, because her life isn’t the easiest, not saying it’s overly hard, but hard enough where I worry about her burdening her problems, and helping our friends with their burden as well. That is why when Commando comes to me with her problems, and or seeks answers from me I am deeply honored, and I pray that I give her the wisdom, or say the right words that help her.

Oh it’s not all doom and gloom with us, she doesn’t take any shit from me, and it always makes me laugh when she gives me shit back, or calls me out on some bullshit. So many funny stories to share, but I’ll tell a few recent ones.

One night Commando was a little hammered, and she kissed me on the cheek, I told he it smelled like Torino’s cock. I said to her it’s almost like Torinos cock was on me on proxy, and I felt gay. She then progressed to try to kiss me more, saying “Take it Bitch!”  I was fighting for my dear heterosexual life, not that funny unless you take a step back and look at this 350lb man trying to fight off this little 100lb girl.

More recently Commando and me were walking back to JWH,  and I saw some friends at Teehans. So we thought it would be funny to stage a little scene. I walked across the street, and Commando screams, “Hey Mother Fucker, you owe me 50 bucks”  I scream back, “You weren’t that good, go back to JWH…ya Ho”   My friends at Teehans faces were priceless. I don’t think the parents at the Ice Cream store enjoyed our play to well.

Or when I complain about ghetto ass toliet paper, she goes out and buys me Quilted TP for my Birthday.

That’s Commando such a great sense of humor, but she is the hardest worker I know. She always hustling, fighting, and trying to make a better life for herself, and Torino. The thing that saddens me is sometimes Commando sometimes seems like she has low self esteem, whether it be something she does in terms of looks, or says something that makes me look at her and think, “Really?”.  She is one of the most beautiful girls I know, though it seems alot of pretty girls do suffers from this, she’s not the only one, it still saddens me none the less.

Torino, and Commando seperately they are my good friends, but together they are a force, a beacon of what a relationship should be. It is my fondest hopes that one day I see them get married, and have little kids. *Side Note: I will give you an extra 100 bucks if you name your kid River 😉 *

I do not know what the future holds, I don’t know what Hells I have yet to traverse, all I know is that I will always cherish, and hold dear the memories, laughs, and fun times me and my little sister, Commando have shared.


2 Responses to “We’re going Commando”

  1. I bet Ed would have named one of their sons River, if he knew you were going to pay him for it. 🙂

  2. As our friend Nascar would say “you are judged by the company you keep” I’m pretty sure I have the best company life could offer! I love our friendship River and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. You will always be my big brother and I’m seriously considering throwing your name on a birth certificate for my future spawn…haven’t decided on first or middle!! Thank you for valuing our friendship and holding me in such high regard. I love you dear friend!

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