Gran Torino

I knew Torino for awhile, he actually came into a bar I use to bounce at, and I would see him around and I would give him the “Nod” , you know the nod, what you do when you know the person, but don’t really know him well, or remember his/her name. Well Torino use to come to the Bears games, and just over the years we became better friends and as they say the rest is history.

I can tell you alot of stories about Torino one funnier then the next, but the one that means the most to me has nothing to do with a bar, or party or even drinking. One chilly night I was watching Bad Santa at Torino’s and Commandos house, after the movie it was my time to go. I left their house, and noticed I had a flat tire. So I started to change it, I ran into a problem the tire was not coming off. I needed a mallet or something to pry it off. I was loathe to knock on the door, they we’re probably turning into bed, and you know me I loathe to burden anyone, but it had to be done. So I knock on the door, Torino comes out. I ask him if he had one. Well to make a long story a little shorter, fast forward a bit there’s Torino on the cold ass ground trying to pry the tire off, while I’m trying to pull it off.  In the end we could never get it off, I just filled it with that Fix a Flat shit, but Torino could of just handed me the mallet, and said “Ok need anything else let me know” , No he was out there working his ass off trying to fix my problem. That to me is real friendship, that to me deserves my loyalty, and respect.

I guess in the end Torino is a bit like me, he doesn’t burden others with his problems, and when he is out to have a good time…he has a good time. I remember on Torino’s birthday we would buy a shot of 151, and a bunch of apple pie shots, and then give an unexpecting person the 151. Torino got the shot, knew it was 151, and slugged it back, and laughed in my face…but then ordered another shot of 151.

That right there is the essence of Torino. That’s why he is my friend. He stares at life, and laughs back when life laughs at him.

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