Monday Hangover

Yeah Yeah Yeah It’s Tuesday. Well it was a great weekend.

Friday was wierd passed out like at 1030, woke up at 130am, bright eyed and bushy tailed. So I went out, and had a couple beers, did some midnight shopping. I couldn’t be out all night, I had a feeling the Delivery people were coming early.

Saturday – Delivery guys were there at 8:59am, and my stupid couch didn’t fit. an 85 dollars mistake, because I had to buy a new couch which is a little nicer, (reclining couch) but I had to have it redelivered. Whatever…

That night some of us went to Towelie’s, he broke his leg playing Hockey so we thought it would be nice if we all went over there to cheer him up, after that me an Jackass hit the bar’s. I really don’t remember much, but I think we ended up at Kickoffs.  There was a huge fight at Kickoffs, and Jackass, and my other friend Wolfman was in the thick of things. There were no actual punches throne, just usual postering, but I hung back to keep an eye on things. If Jackass or Wolfman were in danger I would of definately beat some ass. Then we had a couple drinks at Jackasses crib.

Sunday – We went to Tallagdega’s for the game, it was a good time then me and Jackass hit the bars after.  Jackass and me got a little drunk and outta control. I had to take Monday off.

Monday- Went for some sushi with the Ginny, Man I love some Sushi. Got a nice night stand at Goodwill, and did a little more shopping.

I overdid it this weekend, with the eating and drinking, after Halloween I’ll be taking a break until Turkey Day I think.

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