One Princess that doesn’t need saving

Geek Princess is a good friend of mine, I can go on about her qualities of being a generous, giving, fun, cool person….but it goes way beyond that. She’s a geek. How so, I deal with alot of geeks, and even they don’t have a full-sized map of middle earth hung in their house. It also warms my heart she’s passing down this geekdom to her daughter. Geeks…raising Geeks is a beautiful thing.

Even though we have been friends for a short time, it feels like we’ve always been friends, not because we share alot of common interests. She’s just such an open person, even though I don’t take advantage, I know I could go to Geek Princess and tell her anything, she’d listen, and offer up some great advice.

Out of all my friends we share that common Geek bond though, like I could mention something from Dune like, “The Spice Must Flow”, and she laughs, not even my guy friends get that…to me that’s cool. Sometimes she gets more excited than I do. I remember when I first met Geek Princess she really didn’t know I was a Geek, it’s not that I’m embarrassed of it, it’s just my other friends just don’t get it.  I don’t really remember how she found out I was a geek, maybe something I said she caught it, but I will always remember how she spazzed out once she found out.

One of the great things I love about Geek Princess is that she’s full of life, and she doesn’t give a shit who knows. She will be the first one in a concert screaming and yelling at the band. Then again she knows there’s a time and place for everything, that when it’s time for business, it’s time for business.

So many great stories, but the one I personally love is the time I got out of buying her an expensive meal. I am a man of my word, and me and Geek Princess made a wager, the loser would have to buy the other person dinner. I forgot the actual wager, I’m sure something with LOTR (Lord of the Rings for you non-geeks). Well I lost fair and square, so I owed her dinner.. Japanese Hibachi good call, but expensive. Well Geek Princess got a little drunk one night, and wanted O.S. (Olympic Star, for all you non Tinley Parkians) Hash Browns. An idea struck me, “Ok I’ll take you to O.S., but that’s your meal.” I go in my greatest Satan making a bargain voice. She replies, “Yes, I want some Hash Browns.”   I crack a little smile whenever she says I ripped her off. That’s what you get when making deals with the devil.

She calls herself damaged, I say a fried egg still tastes good even if the yolk is broken. I always enjoy my time with Geek Princess. I think what’s makes us great friends is that we really do “get” each other, almost a kindred spirit sort of bond. I just got my Superman checks in, where other people might say that’s stupid or immature,  Geek Princess would say it was cool.

One Response to “One Princess that doesn’t need saving”

  1. My brothers, my sisters, my blood! We are…Disturbed!

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