Don’t forget to bring a Towel

Let me begin by saying, I am writing these posts about my friends, not for them, but for myself. Sure I tell them I wrote it, because I am writing about them I think they should know that I am. Coming from where I have friends were always a luxury, one I didn’t really have. Sure I had people I hung around, and did stuff with…but true friendship…that is something that has eluded me until now. I am making these posts because one day, I may not be around, or my friends may not be around….I or they can always come here and look at how much they meant to me.

Let me start by saying Towelie is a good man. So good it boggles my mind as to why he hangs around the likes of me. Let’s go back a bit in River history. I’m a criminal….I am criminal minded. To this day I walk in the bank, and I spot cameras. I use to gamble, steal, do bad things, etc. etc.  Police were not my friends, they were the enemies….and here I am calling one of them not only my friend, but one of my best friends. It’s ironic how life sometimes works.

I met Towelie while bouncing, he would come in, and we would chat for a bit. Slowly but surely we got to know each other better, and better. We always had this rivalry thing going on. He likes the Hawks, I like the Pens. He’s Superman, I’m Lex. He’s a Douchebag, I’m not…ok I had to get one in there geez. The little rivalry thing aside, there isn’t many men I respect more then Towelie. He’s a good, generous person, always there for his family, and friends.

When I think back at the stories of the time I shared with Towelie. I pride myself on the times I corrupt him, like taking him to Olympic Star, a place he vowed never to go…I got him to go, or Jimmy’s Gentleman Club, or Kickoffs.

But I want a story that tells of Towelie’s goodness. One time we went to a Korn Concert. We had a great time, and afterwards Towelie had a chance to go back stage, but not all of us could go back stage. So instead of leaving us, Towelie declined, and let other friends go. He really loved those bands, and was amazed he declined, I will tell you the truth I don’t think I would of. I thought to myself what a great man, to sacrifice such an opportunity for his friends.

Towelies life is not a ball of cherries, nor is he perfect. I respect him in the fact he faces life’s challenges with a stoic demeanour. A little while back he faced one of the hardest challenges a person has to face in his life, losing not one, but both his parents. I hated the fact such a good person was going through this crap. That’s why sometimes I am enraged at the order of things, there is no justice in this world.  I have to hand it to his parents though, they raised the nicest bunch of people I ever met, and are looking down and smiling with pride at how their children are pillars amongst their friends.

Last story I want to share Towelie doesn’t even know. Towelie was having problems with this construction company. Towelie was going the good route, complaints, etc. Me I got drunk one night, and was pissed these assholes were jacking my friend around. I had a bottle of vodka with a rag in it. I was going to burn the mother fucking place down. Jail didn’t concern me, all that is to me is 3 squares and free rent. In a moment of clarity I thought that in the end Towelie wouldn’t want this, he was too good of a person. This kind of action would of cost me my friendship with him, I can have that I value it too much. In the end I didn’t do  it, I did pee on the front door though.

I am glad I have such a good person in my life, and I hope  just a little bit of his goodness rubs off on me.

One Response to “Don’t forget to bring a Towel”

  1. I didn’t know you peed on the door! That is awesome! If you had called us, I’m sure my mom would have done it too! Thanks Riv!

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