Off to the Races

Nascar to me is a little bit of an enigma, and she likes it that way. She is a profound thinker, beautiful, and a good person. She is sort of a moral barometer for the group. Like one “No, River” from her stops me in my tracks, and makes me stop the idiocy I am doing at the time. She is actually Towelie’s sister, and you can tell they have the same moral fiber, and goodness that their parents instilled in them. No one else share’s my love for Shakespeare like Nascar does.

Like alot of my friends sometimes well they get a little corrupted, one night Nascar was let’s just say a little under the weather. Her sister comes up to us, and yells at her for like 10 minutes, and at the end says, “You got one hour” while holding up her finger to denote the number one. I sat there in amazement, I looked at Nascar, like really, you going to take that? Sure enough she left in one hour. To this day though when things get out of hand we tell each other “You got one hour”

Nascar always cracks me up, when were on the dance floor she mimics this little drunk dance I do, she makes an observation about something that just has me laughing, or when we aggravate her brother and do something silly together. I think though the times I cherish with Nascar is the one on one times, we do so many things as a group, that sometimes I just like to be one one one with my friends, and that’s really when I get to know them more. I remember one time it was kind of just one on one talking at a Starbucks, or listening to the rain fall at a Nascar race and just talking. I wish we had more one on one time, perhaps I will make an effort to do just that.

I will end this with a quote from the bard himself….

“Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind.”

because in my mind I have nothing but love for Nascar, and I’m a better person because she is my friend.


One Response to “Off to the Races”

  1. I am a good person, because I hang out with great people. Thanks Riv!

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