Monday Hangover

Friday – I pretty much ate dinner, then passed out. Woke up at like 1am, went midnight shopping. Picked up my bra for my nun costume.

Saturday – Ah…Geek Princesses costume party. I dressed as a nun. I was ran out of tissue for my bra to stuff so they weren’t as big as I liked, but all the girls told me next time to stuff it with socks. Well you do learn something everyday. Everyone looked great, and it was a real fun time. Jackass, and Torino were smashed…I think drinking right from the gallon jug of apple pie shots had something to do with it. I actually won the costume contest, I guess the sisterhood felt that anyone who volunteerly puts on a bra deserves something. I thought Luigi should of won, she really did look like an Italian Plumber. Dance party was going, and RJ and Commando were up on chairs dancing, food was great. Jackass was so messed up he kept falling, and pissing in the yard. I haven’t seen him that messed up in quite some time.

Well it was all fun and games unitl Tallegdega’s sister who I will call Tyson, as in Mike Tyson flipped a lid. There are some people that shouldn’t mess with the fire water, Tyson is one of those people. She started by calling Commando a cunt, which is shocking in itself, then she went on to do battle with a bartender from JWH. After holding her back she calmed down…so I thought. Tyson then started fighting with her sister. They went all the way down the block. I thought I should put an end to this. Geek Princess said she wanted to come with and help. We seperated the sisters, then Tyson attacked Geek Princess. I was like HOLY SHIT….I seperated the two. Geek Princess wondering where her shoes were, was grabbed by Tyson again by the hair. That’s when Geek Princess flipped the fuck out, screaming, “You want some hair bitch, I’ll give you some hair”  Geek Princess started fisticuffing, landing some good gut blows. I broke it up again, and Geek Princess got out of there. Low and behold the police showed up.  They asked me what was going on, of course the usual…I didn’t see shit.

Well needless to say everyone hates Tyson now, and I can’t really blame them, but a part of me pity’s her to. It’s a shame really how a good time could be ruined by one person, but also I think that person has some demons, and some real personal issues they need to work through.  I don’t know but I got to say I got my Cat Fight quota in for the year I think, and my dreams of being a referee for the UFC isn’t far off.

Sunday – Just Bears game, and it was just a part two of me, Jackass, and Torino being really drunk and stupid.  Went home pretty early.

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