If you ain’t first, you’re last

Tallegdega has my back everytime. I know if there was a problem, I needed solving, and he could help. He would be there for me. Such unwavering loyalty, how can I not return that loyalty back. Does he have his faults, he sure the hell does, but don’t we all. Just because his methods are sometimes a little more blunt, I think alot of times his heart is in the right place. Then there are times I think he let’s his heart act, before his head thinks about something.  Like my cousin, Tallegdega may be in the wrong about something, but god forbid a mother fucker lays a hand on my friend.  I admire Tallegdega alot, he’s a hard worker, yet he knows how to have fun. He love’s his family to death, and being a staunch family person myself I respect the hell out of it.  He accomplished alot in his short life, and he’s doing well for himself.

Like all my friends there are alot of stories I could share, but I think this one story really captures our friendship. One night we were out drinking at JWH, and we were joking around, and having fun. As Tallegdega left he goes, “Enjoy the Biscuits, Better yet bring me some in the morning”   I was like “What?”. Turns out he put a box of biscuit in my coat.  I was like, “ok, this mother fucker wants biscuits, I’ll give him some”  I went to the restaurant, and got a couple orders biscuits and gravy, and dumped them on his windshield. I figured he would be mad, nope he took his licking like a man, and I respect the hell out of it. He even told me he was up all night worrying about it, that he regretted doing that. It means alot that he said that.

Another story that really touched me, was one time #1 was taking pics of me making out with this girl, and Tallegdega put a stop to it. His method was harsh, and bad..but the fact he did it makes me know that Tallegdega got my back, and is worried about me on some level. That my friend is a great friend. That no matter what other people think, he’s worried about your well being.   

I’m really proud to call Tallegdega my friend, with some people in my circle that may cause me to fall out of favor with them, and I don’t care.


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