Monday Hangover

First off Happy Halloween Kiddies.

Friday – I just stayed home and relaxed.

Saturday – I went to a house party with the Ginny. She dressed as Snow White, and she does actually make a pretty good snow white. I was a little low on the funds so going to a house party was really good on the pocket book if you know what I mean.  I dressed in my Nun outfit, took my friends advice put some socks instead of tissue in there, tried to make them bigger. The Ginny’s friend made a gladiator armor with beer cans, I have to say I was impressed. It was a fun time meeting new people, but I had to head home to JWH, and Durbs for one. Everyone there got a kick out of my costume.  Geek Princess and Nascar we’re the only one’s out. Geek Princess was out of control, I thank god my titties were fake, they would of been all bruised the fuck up, and Nascar was a little out of control too. They both were given one hour. went out

Sunday – Went out with my grandpa. Then went out for a few with Jackass, Torino, and Commando. Even Frumpy was there for a couple. We all headed to JWH, and Frumpy went home as usual. I decided to wear my viking helmet there. It was good for a couple laughs. I went home early.


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