Monday Hangover

Friday I was good, and behaved.

Saturday…not so much. It was a boys night out. We gathered at Tallegdega’s house for UFC fights, and boxing.  The girls had their annual lesbian Thanksgiving.  Tallegdega makes a mean Root Beer Float shot, and about a few of those. I was feeling pretty good. Which isn’t good cause we started play Ship, Captain, Crew. It’s a nice game. We started nice, and friendly…but soon after being the degenerate mother fuckers we are. We were going 10, 20, and at even one point 40, and 60 bucks a man which was getting nutty.  After I lost all my money. I hit the bars to soothe the pain…it worked. I got tore up from the floor up.  Made an ass of myself I’m sure. Meh…these things happen.

Sunday – bunch of my friends went downtown which cause I was broke couldn’t go, which made me a little sad, but I was able to hang out with most of my friends at JWH which made me happy again. I didn’t really go nuts with the drinking, and went home early and got some dinner with the Ginny.  We watched a new TV show called Hell on Wheels, it’s a western show which is pretty good so far. I like the Wild West mentality, but they were really dirty back then…I mean real dirty.

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