In my life I denied myself nothing, if I wanted a piece of chocolate cake I would eat it, if I wanted a line of coke I would snort it, if I wanted to down a bottle of Jack Daniels, I would do so.

Willpower is not my strong suit, never has been. There are times in my life where I pulled thing together, and accomplished something, but things have to be real rock bottom.  I’m not in dire straights, or rock bottom…but shits got to change for reals.

It will be a hard road, but I decided to enlist some help. I joined an online fitness website, to help motivate, and help me achieve my goals.  Next year I will be at my company 5 years, that will give me 3 weeks vacation. Just enough time to heal for a surgery.  If I don’t reach 275 by my 40th birthday, I will be going in for a gastric bypass.

For me it’s literally do or die. My flesh, and my body is paying the price for my hedonism, I am corrupt body, and soul.

It’s time I put a stop to this, if not I should start shopping around for coffins.

2 Responses to “Corruption”

  1. Good for you! I hope the online fitness site does the trick for ya. As you know, gastric bypass is always a last resort. Have you ever considered seeing an endocronologist (sp?)? Maybe there is a thyroid issue at hand also? I’m sure drinking over a bottle of Jack each weekend isn’t helping you lose weight, but with some moderation maybe you can lose the weight without having to have the surgery. As you know the surgery requires a HUGE life change. Let me know if I can do anything to help. I have the name of a great endo doctor that I’ve been working with myself.

  2. You can also look into the lapband procedure. That doesn’t involve the same kind of stuff that gastric bypass does, but gives you the same results. Much safer.

    You are aware that you won’t be able to drink like you do once you complete the surgery right?

    I have several friends that have had gastric bypass & I can get in touch with them if you have questions about it.

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