Happy Turkey Day

This time of year we’re supposed to reflect on what we are thankful for in our lives. The list I am thankful for is so huge it isn’t funny. Here’s a few things I’m thankful for.

A loving family – without their support I would most likely be dead, or in jail. Especially my brother, and my cousin. Those two have been the biggest influence on my life, and probably the thing that has kept me the most sane.

Friends – I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends. As shown by my posts about them.

Job – I get to work in a field I love, and enjoy.

This year something new, a girlfriend- I’m thankful for her….for keeping my life exciting, and though sometimes I want to choke the living shit out of her, I do love her very much.

I can go on and on what I’m thankful for, but I also miss my grandmother, this is the first holiday without her, and being that she was the best cook I ever knew it will be real rough. I’m thankful my grandfather is still here.

I hope everyone has a great Turkey Day, and be safe.

2 Responses to “Happy Turkey Day”

  1. I’m thankful for you also, even though i wanna punch you in the face sometimes! :p And your mother said your a dick, i remember that one! lol

  2. xoxo ❤ ❤

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