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Taking a Little Break

Posted in Art of Man, River with tags on December 28, 2011 by theerivs

I’m gonna take a little breather from my personal blog until the New Year, just to get some wind in my sails, I’ve been doing this a long time, and for two blogs. Enough to write two books, I’m sure. The lake of my creative juices is a little dried up.

So much has happened this year, My beloved grandmother passed, and I have a girlfriend now. When I take a step back and look at it all, it’s a bit overwhelming.¬†

But I’m here in the trenches, slugging it out with the rest of you, and I’m a bit weary. I’ll be back in the 2012, and hopefully with my batteries recharged. ūüôā

If you have permissions to write feel free to do so. Otherwise. Take care, and have a good, and safe New Year.

Monday Hangover

Posted in Art of Man, Barlife, River with tags on December 19, 2011 by theerivs

Friday – I went to a friends kids play, and to be honest I thought it was going to be like an hour, an hour and a half at the most. So I didn’t eat any dinner, thought I would grab a bite to eat later. Well to my chagrin the thing was 2.5, damn near 3 hours long. Let’s just say my stomach was growling like a lion who hasn’t eaten in weeks. My friend’s kid did a great job, she didn’t need any help with the lines, she was entertaining. The other kids were let’s for the sake of being nice say…ok. My friends kid was a bright¬†light in¬†a large dark void¬†of mediocrity.¬† Then hit the Olympic Star, and surprisingly my niece was there randomly. We got a chance to talk which was nice.

Saturday – I was feeling tired, I had to work, and do my usual mom chores. I did grab some sushi with the Ginny it was nice.

Sunday – Went to Mass, then to watch the Bears game at JWH. It was a good time spent with my friends. I saw the German there, we were civil to each other, but the cold shoulder was there. I felt bad, but there was nothing I could do. It’s a shame.

yeah not much of a crazy weekend, but hey these things happen.

Diary of a Bouncer

Posted in Art of Man, Barlife, General Life, River with tags , on December 16, 2011 by theerivs

I’m back to bouncing, one might ask why because I don’t have a huge need of money, so why would I take it up again.

1. Old School Camaraderie¬†– My friend who I used to work with in the Blue Iguana days, and my best friend Jackass work here. It’s just great to be part of something with these guys. Also it’s nice to be¬†part of a team, and at JW Holsteins that what I view all of us as. Bouncers, Bartenders, Waitresses we’re a team. Also in the¬†bar business I really respect Darby, I hope I can make a positive impact to his business, and do him proud. I look forward to forging new stories of good times.

2. Money¬†– I like it. I don’t do shit on Thursdays anyway, why not make a little.

3. Paid to be social – I like meeting new people, and being a part of customer service. What most bouncers don’t understand, sure we’re there to keep the peace, and make sure things go smoothly. We’re also there for customer service, and to make people “feel” safe.

4. Power – Ok there isn’t much power to being a bouncer, but there is a little, and I get off on it.

5. Thrill – Let’s face it…computers is not a real exciting job. You never get a steel chair to the head, while checking someones computer for viruses.

6. I miss it – I guess you can say it’s in my blood, I’ve been doing it for half my life. I started when I was 21, and I’m 39 now. Once in a while I miss the good stuff, and sometimes even the bad stuff.

7. Roadhouse – If I’m bouncing…¬†It doesn’t seem gay that I watch this movie all the time, quote lines, and masturbate to it…wait that’s too much info…never mind about this one.

The Vikings

Posted in Art of Man, General Life, Philosophy, River with tags on December 15, 2011 by theerivs

I watched the Vikings last night again, and man I love that movie. The person I watched it with maybe not so much. I think this movie pretty much explains how I act at times.

1. Drinking – Vikings just drank to excess. They lived a hard life, and partied hard. To them it was part of being a man, holding your booze.

2. Don’t take any shit– They took what the wanted, by force if they had to, and they didn’t take any shit from anyone.

3. Passionate – They are passionate about their culture, and life. When they hop on a table, and scream “ODIN!”, you feel that passion.

4. The way they face death, is the way they face life– When the King Ragnar, jumps into a pit of starving wolves, sword in hand laughing. That’s how life should be lived, fighting and laughing. The wolves may overtake you, but you never give up, you never stop, and you never stop laughing.

Ever want to learn who, and what I am…then watch this movie, and you might just get me.


Monday Hangover

Posted in Art of Man, General Life, River with tags on December 12, 2011 by theerivs

Well I guess I’m more lame these days, since I have a girlfriend. I just stayed home, and cleaned and got my apt more orderly, and yes I even cleaned. Did my chore thing, went shopping for Moms, and had dinner with my Grandpa, and he met my girlfriend. Which is odd in itself, because I usually don’t take girlfriends around my family…it’s a rare thing indeed.

Sunday though all bets were off. Went to the football game at JWH with my friends…somewhere between the first apple pie to the 151 a friend of mine snuck in. I got really drunk. I left early cause if I stuck around, well lets just say I would be calling in sick today. My girlfriend came over, and we chilled out a bit..well I sobered up, and she chilled. She was really nervous about the interview. So I really showed her my support.

Pretty lame I know as per my usual antics, which has me worried am I growing up? No, just low on funds most likely. As soon as I hit the lotto, I’ll be back to my normal crazy drunk assholes ways.

In a relationship

Posted in Art of Man, General Life, River with tags on December 9, 2011 by theerivs

I updated my facebook status, and hopefully Ginny will update hers when she gets home. She doesn’t think it’s that a big deal, but to me it’s like going on top of the mountain and screaming. “I love this girl”. Yeah I’m a romantic, diluted fool, and would probably climb a mountain for her, if there were any actual mountains around her.

My life is amazing, how did I get here. How did I go from believing I would end up alone, to having a pretty girl from my past fall in love with me, and me falling in love with her. The simple fact is I don’t know. I didn’t set out for this. I didn’t plan any of this, as cliche as it is…it just happened.¬† The ancient chinese philosopher, Confucious once said, “I had a dream I was a butterfly, then I¬†awoke and pondered. Am¬†I a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or am I¬†butterfly dreaming I was a man.”¬† Sometimes as I wake up, and see her next to me, I wonder when will this dream end.

Oh don’t get me wrong, it’s all not roses, and doves flying around. Love, and relationships are work. She’s working¬†hard to train me in keeping¬†the toilet seat down,¬†(which I might just start peeing sitting down to make things easier¬†LOL!), and keeping cabinet doors closed, I have a tendency to open them, and never close them. She’s not¬†perfect either, and I can go in a tirade three posts long. Love’s not about that though. Love is looking past those things. We are all crazy in the end, it’s what we’re willing to put up with from those we love that makes¬†the relationship go. ¬†

In the past a girlfriend for me was a girl I saw once or twice a week, which for a guy like me was no sweat. This though is a real adult relationship, and part of me is scared. I mean I have troubles raising houseplants, and I know I’m more immature then a 16 year old who loves to play HALO. Then again there’s part of me, when I look into her eyes that wants to be the man she wishes me to be, the Superman of her dreams. She spends an awful lot of time with me, and sometimes the lone wolf in me gets a little ruffled, but when she’s gone…well I miss her.

There are many things I am, and many things I am not, but right now I am “in a relationship”, and I couldn’t be happier, ok I could be happier if I was rich….just saying.

Tuesday Hangover

Posted in Art of Man, Barlife, River with tags on December 6, 2011 by theerivs

Thursday – I started bouncing again, and it wasn’t that bad, but it was a little slow. I really do miss the bouncing gig, not so much for the money, though money is good. I like it for other aspects.

Friday-  I just stayed in with the Ginny. just watched a movie.

Saturday- It was Stitches party, and I really let loose. I started hammering the Black Haus shots early, and man oh man at some point I lost control. I ended up at Teehans for my other buddies bday, Snaga.¬† After a few Car Bombs I don’t really remember what came next. I do remember being at Durbins. I do remember telling a waitress at Olympic Star I was going to get my nipples pierced. Why I have no clue. I wish I could¬†write down some antics, but I don’t really remember…Stoopid Booze. ¬†

Sunday – I had to get up at 730am, still drunk to bring my car in for brakes. I was still hammered when I woke up.¬†The rest of the day I was so messed up, I¬†hardly drank at the bar for the Bears game, after which I ¬†passed out. Which in turn pissed off my girlfriend, cause she didn’t know where I was for hours.¬†¬†A couple funny things hear is I wore Commandos Pantyhose on my head, and told everyone as I walked into JWH that this was a robbery. or when I wore my monkey mask after Commando called me an ape.