In a relationship

I updated my facebook status, and hopefully Ginny will update hers when she gets home. She doesn’t think it’s that a big deal, but to me it’s like going on top of the mountain and screaming. “I love this girl”. Yeah I’m a romantic, diluted fool, and would probably climb a mountain for her, if there were any actual mountains around her.

My life is amazing, how did I get here. How did I go from believing I would end up alone, to having a pretty girl from my past fall in love with me, and me falling in love with her. The simple fact is I don’t know. I didn’t set out for this. I didn’t plan any of this, as cliche as it is…it just happened.  The ancient chinese philosopher, Confucious once said, “I had a dream I was a butterfly, then I awoke and pondered. Am I a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or am I butterfly dreaming I was a man.”  Sometimes as I wake up, and see her next to me, I wonder when will this dream end.

Oh don’t get me wrong, it’s all not roses, and doves flying around. Love, and relationships are work. She’s working hard to train me in keeping the toilet seat down, (which I might just start peeing sitting down to make things easier LOL!), and keeping cabinet doors closed, I have a tendency to open them, and never close them. She’s not perfect either, and I can go in a tirade three posts long. Love’s not about that though. Love is looking past those things. We are all crazy in the end, it’s what we’re willing to put up with from those we love that makes the relationship go.  

In the past a girlfriend for me was a girl I saw once or twice a week, which for a guy like me was no sweat. This though is a real adult relationship, and part of me is scared. I mean I have troubles raising houseplants, and I know I’m more immature then a 16 year old who loves to play HALO. Then again there’s part of me, when I look into her eyes that wants to be the man she wishes me to be, the Superman of her dreams. She spends an awful lot of time with me, and sometimes the lone wolf in me gets a little ruffled, but when she’s gone…well I miss her.

There are many things I am, and many things I am not, but right now I am “in a relationship”, and I couldn’t be happier, ok I could be happier if I was rich….just saying.

3 Responses to “In a relationship”

  1. Awww XD That’s great news! I wish both of you lots and lots of happiness!

  2. Sounds like she has your balls in her purse… haha just kidding! I’m happy for you guys. You gonna knock her up?

  3. Hey, just read this randomly (found a related post about the verse “For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.” and read to here) and wanted to say that this was really well said. I really enjoyed reading this post and can somewhat relate in some ways (though for me, the dream did end). Thoughtful, insightful, and well worded. Thanks for a good read & I wish you the best..


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