Monday Hangover

Well I guess I’m more lame these days, since I have a girlfriend. I just stayed home, and cleaned and got my apt more orderly, and yes I even cleaned. Did my chore thing, went shopping for Moms, and had dinner with my Grandpa, and he met my girlfriend. Which is odd in itself, because I usually don’t take girlfriends around my family…it’s a rare thing indeed.

Sunday though all bets were off. Went to the football game at JWH with my friends…somewhere between the first apple pie to the 151 a friend of mine snuck in. I got really drunk. I left early cause if I stuck around, well lets just say I would be calling in sick today. My girlfriend came over, and we chilled out a bit..well I sobered up, and she chilled. She was really nervous about the interview. So I really showed her my support.

Pretty lame I know as per my usual antics, which has me worried am I growing up? No, just low on funds most likely. As soon as I hit the lotto, I’ll be back to my normal crazy drunk assholes ways.

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