One of the Saddest Things in Life

One of the saddest things in life is finding out how many lives someone touches after they pass. You don’t know yourself, but when you pass you see all these people come forward to say they miss you, and how you touched their lives.

Dave was a bouncer at Teehans, almost same time I was a bouncer at Blue Iguana, when I did visit Teehans, Dave always had a handshake, and a smile waiting for me. Over the years we became friends, sure I wasn’t a close friend, but when I saw him we would talk, and share some time for awhile.

My best friends mother passed, and I went to the funeral. There was Dave sitting on the couch of the funeral home. I was like what you doing here, he knew one of the nieces to my best friends mom. I was shocked another moment when I realized the earth really wasn’t that big after all.

I knew Dave wasn’t feeling well, he had problems with his liver. I didn’t know the severity of it, hell I just seen the guy at Teehans a few weeks ago. He passed of liver failure, and to see the outpouring from his friends, and family is a testement of what a nice guy he was.

I hope he can see Facebook Statuses in heaven, cause there were some real touching ones. Take Care Dave, I’ll miss ya.

One Response to “One of the Saddest Things in Life”

  1. I’ll always remember his smile and hugs! He will definitely be missed by many people including me! but no more pain and suffering for him, he’s happy and in a much better place!

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