Metaphor for my Life

So I went to sit on my bed last night…snap one of the wheels on the frame snapped. Now I was already dealing with one broken wheel from months ago.  Ginny kept harping on me to get it fixed, and me in typical stubborn fashion thought it was ok. I would put books under it to even it out, and that was ok.

Like my life when it’s a little broken, I put books under to try to even it out. Then another wheel drops out from under me, shit’s got to change.

Like my life it wasn’t easy. I had to get the bed frame together, carry it down to my car, brought it to the furniture place, and there was problems there, they told me I had to go to their distribution center in another town, and I had to drag the broken one back to my car, I had to raise a fuzz (Ginny would be proud of me, I usually don’t return stuff, and she’s the queen of returning), and finally after much time I got the problem resolved….now all that’s left to do is haul the new one up 3 flights of stair, and put it back together.

So that’s really my life in a nut shell, my life needs to be really fucked up for me to change it, and once I do shit is not easy.

C’est la vie.



One Response to “Metaphor for my Life”

  1. Lol I’m very proud of you, I’m so sorry you had to carry it up and down the stairs a few times, I wouldn’t say queen if shit was broke I would take it back. I wouldn’t go completely out of my way unless its a good amount of money. You need a bed too lol jk jk. Well hope everything works out with you.

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