I always disliked Facebook, thats the core reason I post the dirty shit I post. Somewhere along the way, like the movie gladiator I got addicted to the attention it afforded me. When Maximo says at first you will hate the crowd for it, then you will love the crowd for it.

It came to my attention a few of my statuses were finding their way to Ginny, and I looked at my mutual friends, and they are all people I thought were my friends. That hurt me a bit.

Now people are writing things like I’m a coward, and I have no balls. Really the guy who posted whatever he felt like, and had no shame posting pics of myself humping plastic horses, or passed out on the stair of JWH.  Listen the bottomline is I’m tired. I’m tired of being social, and dealing with the drama, and bullshit. I need to just walk away, and find some me time. To relax, and enjoy some quietude.

You can think whatever you want to think, I no longer give a shit.

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