Monday Hangover

No I didn’t really get drunk this weekend. Some things did occur though.

Saturday is the day I usually do my Mom’s shopping. Now she wanted me to use a check, I told her they usually check ID’s for checks. My mother insisted I would be ok. Now sure as shit, when I check out. They want to see ID. I get flustered tell them I have a parking ticket in the car, they said they couldn’t take that. I could of paid for it, but here I am posing as John, (my stepfather), and now I whip out a credit card saying Chris. Yeah police might want to talk to me. So being embarrassed thouroghly I snapped at my mother. Which is the wrong thing to do, but I hate being forced in those situations. Thats why I rarely don’t return shit. I just want to go into the store, do my business, and get the fuck out. I’ll apologize to my mother tonight, next time I’ll set up some rules, and no more checks.

Sunday I went to the bar to grab a beer, and relax on the patio. Turns out I knew some people there. A friends sister which she wants a nickname on this blog, and I can’t just pick one out of the air, but I want a good one for her. I think I will call her Passion, I know it sounds like a stripper name, but Passion has always led with her heart, she has always been there for me, and always got my back. I admire her in a way to wear your heart on your sleeve, and not be unguarded like so many people are today. Also Chris Rock was there, this african american gentleman who after hanging with us at the bar has become our friend, and he looks a little like Chris Rock.  We sat up at JWH, and talked about things. Though I initially wanted to be alone with my thoughts, this was way better. Nothing like sharing a drink with a friend, and letting the world pass you by.

Today I’m back to the grind of working, and living.

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